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Chandigarh Call Girls Group is a well known name for providing best and genuine call girls service in Chandigarh. The main reason for this is to never cheat the customer. We enlist only nice and cooperative Chandigarh escort girls to provide service. Now a days people are being duped by sending fake photos, paying online in the name of providing call girl service. We believe in making our customers regular customers forever by providing them with the girl of their choice.

Chandigarh Call girl Rates

Professional Girls

6500 for 2 shots
10000 for full Night

Professional Babhies

6000 for 2 shots
10000 for full Night

Non Professional Girls

15000 for 2 shots
25000 for full Night

Non Professional Babhies

12000 for 2 shots
20000 for full Night

1.Single Shot Service not Available
2.The customer will have to bear the cab charges (ola/uber) for the girl's arrival and departure.
3.Anal sex not allowed.
4.People under 18 years of age cannot avail the service.
5.Do not message or call low budget customers.

Special Offer

If you want to deal directly with a girl, then you can contact the girl directly. The link for the girls' direct contact is given below the girls' pics.

Why should you use Chandigarh call girls?

If you feel bored in your life, and do you want to get a chance to spend romantic time with a beautiful girl ever in your life, then you should use Chandigarh call girls. If you feel lack of sexual pleasure in your married life, then you can use Chandigarh call girls to enjoy sex to the fullest. Now you should not worry, beautiful Chandigarh call girls can cure all your problems very easily.

How to use Chandigarh Call Girls Service?

It is very easy to use Chandigarh call girls, now you can spend time with your dream girl as per your wish. To use call girls in Chandigarh, you have to click on the WhatsApp logo or call logo given on the web-page. You will have to contact the call girls executive. You will have to tell the call girls executive about the time and place of taking the service of the call girls. After taking all the details from you, the executive will send the images of available girls according to your timing and location. Chandigarh Call Girls services are available only in Chandigarh or surrounding areas. So now you can book a hotel anywhere in Chandigarh and call Chandigarh call girls and enjoy with them. Chandigarh call girls are capable of giving you every kind of pleasure and you can have sex with Chandigarh escort girls in every style as per your wish.

How to get genuine service of Chandigarh call girls?

Chandigarh Call Girls Group sends 4-5 real photos of each available girl to the customer, so that the customer does not have any problem in understanding the real look of the girl. If any girl's video is available then that too is sent to the customer. The customer has to make the payment directly to the Chandigarh call girl only when the girl reaches the customer's hotel room. Due to this way of working our customers do not face any problem in getting call girls from us. While the cheaters send photos of girls after downloading them from the net and demand advance payment.

Chandgarh call girl Supriya

Supriya is a beautiful girl of Chandigarh call girls group

I am Supriya from Mohali. I am 23 years old. I have joined Chandigarh call girls in December 2022 itself. I have made many friends while working as a call girl in Chandigarh. My life has changed ever since I joined. Before call girl profession, I was short of money here, and I didn't have many friends, but now the situation has changed. After becoming a call girl, one of my biggest cravings for drinking has also been fulfilled very well. Mostly drinking men like me, and I also become very good friends. The fun of having sex after drinking increases a lot. Before starting call girl job in Chandigarh, I was very shy. Now the effect of company of new friends is that I have become bold. I really enjoy sucking men after a drink. All my clients also like my service very much.

After completing her graduation, I came to Chandigarh in search of a job. Even after searching everywhere, I was not getting any type of job. With great difficulty, I got a job as a receptionist in an office, but the salary was very low. In low salary, it was also difficult to get my room rent and food expenses from me, on top of that money had to be sent home, which was impossible for me. Fed up with all these problems, I decided to become a Chandigarh call girl, which was a difficult decision for me. I was very scared in the beginning, but after the first day having sex with the customer, all my fear went away.

If you also want to enjoy sex and drink with me then mention Chandigarh call girls number and if you want to do live chat with me then click on green color chat logo given on right side. I am available for chat from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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Chandigarh Escort girl Divya

Divya is a girl of Chandigarh call girls group

I am Divya from Manimajra. I am 26 years old professional call girl. Joining Chandigarh Call Girls was once my compulsion, but now this work has become the support of my life. At the young age of 19, my family members got me married to a boy named Pankaj. Everything went well till 6 months after the marriage, but one day Pankaj died in an accident. After which I was completely broken. Then I came to my maternal home from my in-laws' house. After 4 months of this accident, a boy named Rahul came in my life, whom I liked. Because of Rahul's good nature, our friendship soon turned into love. then we thought of getting married. Me and Rahul's family members easily got ready for this marriage. It was only 2 months after the marriage that Rahul got addicted to drugs due to bad company. Slowly his intoxication was increasing. After some time, Rahul's job was also lost, due to which he became unemployed.

Now it was becoming difficult to run the household expenses, so I thought of doing a job on my own. I worked as a receptionist in an office in Chandigarh. There a person named Sandeep was our boss. I was very impressed by whose charming personality. Within a few days me and Sandeep started coming very close to each other. Soon this closeness turned into our physical relationship. My household expenses started running from my sallery. On the other hand, Rahul was going away from sex relations due to intoxication, the lack of which was now being filled by Sandeep. Some After a day Sandeep's wife came to know about Sandeep's relationship with me, due to which I lost my job. Now Sandeep had stopped even talking to me on the phone.

Once again i was in trouble. To meet the shortage of money and sex, I thought of joining Chandigarh call girl. Now I have no shortage of money and I enjoy sex with new men every day. All the customers who have sex with me also enjoy a lot.If you also want to enjoy sex and drink with me then mention Chandigarh call girls number and if you want to do live chat with me then click on green color chat logo given on right side. I am available for chat from 3 pm to 7 pm.

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Housewife call girl Sonali

Sonali is a housewife call girl of chandigarh

My name is Sonali. I am 29 years old housewife from Chandigarh. I had to join Chandigarh call girls for the treatment of my husband's illness. Till 2 years ago everything was going well in our life. Me, my husband, our two children and mother-in-law were living a normal and happy life. My husband used to work in a private limited company whose good salary was fulfilling all our needs. Two years back, suddenly my husband started having difficulty in breathing, after which on going to the doctor, the doctor did a proper check up on him. After getting all the reports, the doctor diagnosed him with lung cancer. Due to illness, the husband's health started declining day by day. After some time he also lost his job. The little money we got from the company and our savings till now also did not last long.

After all the money was gone, it became very difficult for us to survive. For the treatment of my husband's illness and to run the household expenses, I thought of doing a job, but with the income from the job, our household expenses were also going on with difficulty. It was not possible for me to buy medicines for my husband's treatment, due to which my husband's condition had become very bad. Then I searched online Chandigarh call girl service provider number and joined Chandigarh's most famous, Riya call girls group. After becoming a Chandigarh call girl, now I am able to meet my household expenses and also get good treatment for my husband, due to which his condition is improving now. I do my work as a call girl with full dedication and honesty. Due to my co operative behavior all my clients enjoy sex with me and are completely satisfied.

If you also want to enjoy sex with me then mention Chandigarh call girls number and if you want to do live chat with me then click on Button 'Contact with Sonali' given below. I am available for chat from 1 pm to 5 pm.

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Chandigarh call girl Shivani

Shivani is a chandigarh call girl

I am Shivani from Zirakpur. I am 22 years old. My height is 5 feet 4 inches. My complexion is fair and my breast size is 34. I have a very curvy body due to regular exercise. That's why I am known as sexy Chandigarh call girl. By the time I turned 16, I started looking very attractive. All the boys around wanted to befriend me but due to the strict restrictions imposed on me by my family, I could not befriend any boy. Because of these restrictions, I was deprived of having sex with many handsome and beautiful boys, which made me feel very bad.

After passing 10th my parents sent me to my maternal uncle's house for further studies. Where I fell in love with a boy and started dreaming of marrying him. Now whenever we get time, both of us used to have sex. After eighteen months of relationship I came to know that he is married and cannot marry me. After which my heart broke completely and I started feeling depressed. I could not prepare well for my 12th exam, due to which I could clear 12th exam with very less marks.

After passing 12th, my parents sent me to study in Chandigarh, and gave me a room on rent in Zirakpur to stay. Now there was no restriction on me from the family members. But now I was not interested in loving any boy. After having regular sex with my ex boyfriend for 18 months, my body was used to sex. To satiate my sex hunger, instead of having a relationship with a boy, I found it better to work in Chandigarh call girls. Now I get a chance to have sex with new men and also get good money. Now I enjoy life very well without any relationship.

If you also want to enjoy sex with me then mention Chandigarh call girls number and if you want to do live chat with me then click on Button 'Contact with Shivani' given below. I am available for chat from 3pm to 6 pm.

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Chandigarh call girl Preet

Preet is a chandigarh call girl

My name is Preet and I am a 21 year old Punjabi girl. Everyone wants to be friends with me because of my good height and beautiful face. I don't trust anyone easily. Due to this nature of mine, my dreams with many good boys remained limited to dreams only and I could never love those good boys. Because of my being very beautiful, many boys think that I will definitely have an affair with someone. Due to which most of the boys are limited to just looking at me and those who make even the slightest move to get closer to me, their behavior is of very poor quality, which I do not like at all.

In the last 2-3 years, four boys I liked, despite trying a little stopped meeting me after some time due to their work commitments. I liked boys who would love only me and no one would know. The actions of most boys are such that everyone knows what they are doing. I don't like such boys at all. This has also happened with one of my friends, because of her friendship with a boy, she became infamous in the whole city and after some time that boy left her and went to someone else. Later, my friend was left with only the insult and the sorrow of the breakup. I don't want this to happen to me at all. That's why I stay away from Fukrey type boys and can never trust them. Because of this thinking of mine, people in the society respect me completely, but even after turning 20, I kept longing to have sex with a boy. Then I researched online dating.

After doing a lot of research here, I contacted call girls in Chandigarh because I saw a lot of good reviews about Chandigarh call girls operator Riya Madam online. One day I called Riya Madam and asked her about the process of working with call girls in Chandigarh and I really liked her description. Riya Madam sends girls to the clients in a very secret manner, so that the girl does not have to worry too much about her social status. After talking to Riya Madam, I deceived my family about the job and came to Chandigarh to work with Chandigarh call girls.

After coming here I saw that what Riya Madam had said was absolutely correct. My photos you see on the website are not real. Riya Madam sends only real pictures to her good customers on WhatsApp. Through this I also earn good money by secretly enjoying with my customers. If you also want to enjoy sex with me, then click on WhatsApp or call logo button to contact Riya Madam on Chandigarh Call Girls. To make friendship with me, click on 'Contact to Preet' button.

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Chandigarh call girl Sapna

Sapna is a chandigarh call girl

My name is Sapna and I am a 20 year old sports girl with good height. I am a resident of Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh. I am very fond of playing badminton since childhood. I want to make my hobby my career. To achieve success in any sport, it is important to have good coaching and good facilities along with hard work. I come from a poor family, yet I have seen big dreams. To fulfill my dreams, I need a lot of money, so that I can get the necessary facilities and good coaching. Being from a poor family, this was very difficult for me. I thought about doing a job . I also worked in two companies, but neither did I get a good salary nor did I have time for practice. Finally I decided to leave the job.

After thinking a lot, I thought of finding a rich boy on online platforms to fulfill my needs, with whom I can become friends and take help in fulfilling my needs. But most of the boys I meet on online platforms are either unemployed or earn very little. I also met many rich people who used me for their own fun and then abandoned me without helping me.

I was feeling frustrated all over, finally I looked for Chandigarh call girls online. I contacted Riya, the owner of Chandigarh Call Girls and asked about working with Chandigarh Call Girls. After talking to Riya ji, I thought of joining Chandigarh call girls. I came to Chandigarh after telling my family that I would get a job. After I started working with Chandigarh Call Girls, my life changed rapidly. After working 3-4 horses at night, I earn good money. Along with good coaching, I also practice well during the day time. Due to my good height, beautiful face and great body, Riya ji, the owner of Chandigarh call girls, charges more fees from the customers for my services. As per the commitment made with me by the owner of Chandigarh call girls, I get most of the fees, from which I earn a lot of money.

I never drink alcohol, so I don't serve customers who expect me to drink wine or take any other intoxicant just to keep them company. Even I do not like to provide sex services to customers who drink alcohol or take any kind of drug. If you also want to enjoy passionate sex with me then you have to contact Riya Madam on Chandigarh Call Girls, for which you have to click on the WhatsApp or Call logo button given on the screen. Click on 'Contact to Sapna' button to friendship with me.

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Chandigarh call girl Riddhi

Riddhi is a chandigarh call girl

My name is Riddhi. I am a 27 year old well educatef and, beautiful girl from Lucknow. During my final year of graduation, I online frindship to a boy named Vimal, who was Punjabi and was currently living in England. I was very happy to be friends with Vimal. Vimal was asking me to settle in England, like other people, I too had an inclination towards European countries, and I also started dreaming of going to England and settling. Without even thinking, I convinced my family to let me go to England. Despite the financial condition of the house not being good, my family took out the loan and arranged for me to go to England. My family was helping me with the thought that if I settled in England, I would be able to pay off all the debt by earning money from there.

When I reached England, Bimal came to pick me up from the airport. As soon as I reached England, I was very impressed by its lifestyle and beauty. After a few days, I came to know that the boy whom I had trusted to reach England was a cancer patient due to excessive drug abuse. Four days after I reached England, he also became very ill and doctors adviced him to bed rest. so he could not help me in finding a job. I didn't even know anyone, yet I tried hard to find job in england, but due to not having any good skills, I did not get any job. I searched for all kinds of jobs, but I had no money to support myself.

Vimal also did not help me. After being disappointed from all sides, I thought of coming back to India. After coming back, I saw that the financial condition of the house had become very bad. I searched the numbers of Chandigarh call girls online and came to Chandigarh. I lied to my family about getting a job in Chandigarh To work as a call girl in Chandigarh.

Due to my beauty and friendly nature, customers pay up to Rs 30,000 a night for me. I am earning very well by working in Chandigarh call girls, due to which I am also sending money to my family to repay the loan, and will soon repay the entire loan. Contact Chandigarh call girls to enjoy with me. If you want to make friendship with me, then you can contact me by Click on 'Contact to Riddhi' button to friendship with me

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Chandigarh call girl Kajol

Kajol is a chandigarh call girl

My name is Kajol and I am a resident of Shimla, Himachal. One of my father's friends, who works in real estate in Chandigarh. My father remains ill due to which I thought of coming to Chandigarh and working. i came to Chandigarh to work with my father's friend. He gave me job only on the advice of my father. After joining the office, I became friends with a Punjabi girl named Sunita. I started living with Sunita in her room. I had only been living with Sunita for 4-5 days, when Sunita told me the truth about the office, that to do the job, she had to have sex not only with her boss but also with her boss's clients and in return she got only a normal salary. I felt very strange after listening to Sunita's words, I did not expect this from my father's friend, whom I considered a very good person. But I could not protest because I also needed a job.

After a few days, the boss asked me to go home late in the evening, all the employees had gone home so the boss called me to his room. When I went to his room, he held me in his arms and started kissing me. I never thought that my boss would treat me like this. I thought that the boss is my father's friend, so what happened to Sunita will not happen to me. When I pushed my boss back, he told me, 'If you want the job, you will have to obey everything I say.' I was in great need of a job, so like Sunita, I too was forced to surrender before my boss. My boss kept sex me the whole night. After a few days it became normal for him. When I shared this with Sunita, she also remained silent. Then gradually, like Sunita, I also became an object of enjoyment for the boss and his customers.

Like Sunita, I did not know anyone in Chandigarh who could get me another job in Chandigarh. It was necessary for me to do a job to run the household, but I started feeling suffocated in this job. Then one day while searching for jobs online, I read about the job of Chandigarh call girls. Called on the given contact of Chandigarh call girls and understood the entire process of doing the job. After thinking for a while, I thought of doing a job in Chandigarh call girls.

Riya, the owner of Chandigarh call girls, offered me that I can be available for work whenever I want. Initially I thought of doing a part time job. After working for a week I realised that the call girl job was better than my real estate job because I got paid more there. In the call girls job in Chandigarh, I had to do the same work as in real estate, but there was no compulsion on me in the call girls job. There was no cheating with me while working as a call girl. Then I left my old job and started working only with call girls in Chandigarh.Contact Chandigarh call girls to sex with me. . If you want to make friendship with me, then you can contact me by Click on 'Contact to Kajol' button to friendship with me.

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Very co operative Chandigarh call girls?

All our girls take special care of the needs of the customers. Each of our Chandigarh call girls understands the sexual needs of the customer very well and tries her best to fulfill them. The call girls provided by us not only entertain the customer with good quality sex but also make the customer feel like a friend with their friendly nature. Every call girl takes special care of her body cleanliness and fitness as well as wears nice clothes.

Beautiful and well educated call girls in Chandigarh

Most of our Chandigarh call girls group consists of non-professional call girls who work as part time call girls in Chandigarh to make ends meet. The girls who work with us are students, working professionals or housewives, whose behavior is better and decent than ordinary and cheap Chandigarh call girls. No one can consider our girls as call girls because of their education, decent nature and beautiful appearance. Due to the polite and decent aspect of our girls, the customers do not have any problem in taking them anywhere. Many customers introduce the girls to their friends as their girlfriends, and many customers also accompany the girls to their friends' parties. Customer feel very safe with our Chandigarh call girls, due to normal and decent look of our girls, customer does not have any embarrassment or problem to take them anywhere.

Our rates are higher than other call girls groups because of the great human quality of our girls and their fully cooperative services. If you also want to enjoy with high level girls then contact Chandigarh call girls.

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